Wat Phra Kaew & Thailand Temples

The most visited temple in Bangkok kingdom of Thailand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ubchao doll, Wat Phra Kaew

Ubchao Doll, Luntun
China rock sculpture was call Ubchao doll. It's numerous in Wat Phra Kaew more than 100 pieces.

In the past time when Thai and China commercial together. Departure was carrying the heavy objects such as wood, rice, animal skin and tin. When back from China we bought the soft object such as fablic and tea leaf. The junk was unbalance when face the strom so should have some load that call Ubchao. Then take China rock sculpture and the stone to load. So we call them Ubchao following the way of duty.When arrive to Thailand the load was disadvantage. Then take China rock sculpture to decorate the temple. Wat Phra Kaew also decorate by Ubchao doll too.

Ubchao Doll, Monkey

Kind of Ubchao doll

Human big sculpture. Dress fully as government official.

1. Imagine animals
2. General animals

Such as pagoda, dragon column, pot.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mural wall painting, Wat Phra Kaew

General Information

Mural wall painting in Wat Phra Kaew has 178 screen. Painting by Ramayana1Thai literature Ramayana story (Ramakian). The Ramayana’s structure from India Compose again by King Rama 1 for collecting and completely all Ramayana story from Ayuthaya period.

Actually the balcony was around shrine, pagoda, hall of a temple for walk with lighted candles in hand around a temple. Especially for Wat Phra Kaew the balcony was around all building to separate with the Grand PalaceRamayana2 times with hall of a temple and Monthien Dham hall. But not have a record for exactly time, when rebuild Monthien Dham hall because of burned the balcony was extend in the north like a present. That mean the balcony was establishe twice or one time when extend the temple. King Rama 1 be kind enough to paint the mural in Ramayana story around the wall.


King Rama 3
Reproduct all mural and renovated balcony.

King Rama 4
Extend balcony and floor by tile. Ramayana3

King Rama 5

Fix the balcony and reproduct mural

King Rama 7
When celebrate kingdom 150 anniversary. Renovate balcony with new technique, cement and steel for prevent humid. Construct the fence in front of mural painting and renovate the floor.

King Rama 9 (present)
Renovate and painting on arc of balcony. For the roof fix and paint with gold stencil. Use new technique to modify the mural. Repaint on the damage mural following the original.


Ramayana story around the wall start from north door turn to the west.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Phra Thep Bhidorn house, Wat Phra Kaew

Phra Thep Bhidorn House
Phrathep Bhidorn House or Phra Buddha Prang castle is the place for keep wax of Chakkri’s king. Phrathep Bhidorn House stand in the east of Phra Mondhob, straight to Sawadisopha gate (Grand Palace gate).

History of Phra Thep Bhidorn house

King Rama 4
Phrathep Bhidorn House established by King Rama 4 in 1855 and finished on 1882 (27 yaers). Folowing Ayuthaya Gold Castle. The tile was import from China since King Rama 3 (first the King plan to decorate hall of Arunrachawararam temple) but not finished, the king was pass away

King Rama 5
In King Rama 5 times, continue construct on Phrathep Bhidorn House. Roof inside, wall paint, floor by marble, decorate mirror and renovate outside too. And finished when celebrate kingdom 100 anniversary. But the size was not enough to make ceremony if stand The Emerald Buddha (following King Rama 4 royal thought) but replace by respectfully engage Kalaithong pagoda (that in the pass stand at the right of Phra Buddha Monthien) to be a principle.

In the late of King Rama 5 have an short on electrical circuit then burn all roof decorate and Kalaithong pagoda. While the burn King Rama 5 ask to remove windows and doors to Rachabaphitr’s temple. Then have a renovate and continue in King Rama 6 period.

King Rama 6
After renovated King Rama 6 establish the wax of Chakkri’s king to stand here. And change the name from Phra Buddha Prang castle to Phra Thep Bhidorn house. Chakkri’s king

King Rama 7
In King Rama 7 established the wax mold of King Rama 6 and respectfully engage to stand in Phra Thep Bhidorn house. And renovate the building following original for celebrate kingdom 150 anniversary.

King Rama 8
In King Rama 8 established the wax mold of King Rama 7 but not finished the respect process, the king was pass away.

King Rama 9
King Rama 9 continue all process and established the wax mold of King Rama 8 then respectfully engage wax of King Rama 7 and King Ramam 8 to stand in Phra Thep Bhidorn house.When celebrate kingdom 200 anniversary have renovate Phra Thep Bhidorn house again following original.

Phra Thep Bhidorn house will open for visit only 7 days a years that was on Chakkri’s day, Songkran day (3), Chatramongkol day, King Rama 5’s day and the birth day of King Rama 9 (present king).

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Phra Mondhob, Wat Phra Kaew

Phra Mondhop
Situated inside the Wat Phra Kaew.It’s established replace the old building that was burn out.

Phra Mondhob Architecture

Around the base stand by bronze lion at 4 corner and a pair per door. Bronze lion stand on cement tray with pedestal. The bronze lion bring from Cambodia a pair and mold another 10.

Inside floor by silver mat. The center stand the big Thai style pearl cabinet in Mondhop shape for keep Golden Buddhist Scriptures (Tripitaka).

Phra Mondhob Renovate

King Rama 3
Big renovate, presume that this restore following most of the original just change some detail.

King Rama 4
Established Phrasrirattana Pagoda at back and Phra Thep Bhidorn house at front of Phra Mondhob. Then floor 3 building in same level that cover 2 layer of base (original has 3 base), now all was stand on Paitee base. Protect by stone wall (call glass wall). At Phra Mondhob rebuilt the roof and inside floor by silver mat.

King Rama 5
When celebrate kingdom 100 aniversaly. Renovate outside and inside, fix the structure and decorative but still underconstruction.

King Rama 6
The renovate continue from King Rama 5 period, change the roof decorate from gold with vermilion to Thai lacquer with yellow mirror.

King Rama 7
Renovate all building following the original and fix the Thai painting.

King Rama 9
Renovate all building following the original and fix the Thai painting too.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Phra Srirattana Pagoda

Phrasrirattana pagodaPhra Srirattana Pagoda is inside the Wat Phra Kaew near Sanam Luang. The big gold Pagoda established by King Rama 4 and continue by King Rama 5 for keep Buddha's relics.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda covered by glitter gold mosaic, interior was painting and floor by marble. It's have 4 doors (4 direction) all decorated by Thai symbolic art.

When celebrate Phrasrirattana Pagoda 150 anniversaly in King Rama 7 period have a renovate on surface, fix the mosaic. And next renovate was in King Rama 9 (present) but still follow the same all.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda architecture

Created in a Lanka shape following Phra Jedi Sam Aong from Phrasrisanphet Temple's pagoda (Ayuthaya province). That was a cement pagoda covered by glitter gold mosaic. Inside have space for stand the small pagoda that keep Buddha's relics.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda perform by Paitee base, layer with up-down lotus for support the bell. Upper is square throne with the column support the ring of glass lotus 20 layer.

Arc of doors (4 direction) is a sharp curve, upper is a Thai sculpture. The doors made from wood coated by gold and mirror, in a flower pattern with 3 colors (red, green, silver). Upper is a ventilator and the frame was carve in Thai dragons shape.

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