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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Makha Bucha Day - The Full Moon Day of The 3rd Lunar Month

It was 9 full months after the Buddha got the Enlightenment, on the full moon day of 6th lunar month, 45 years before the Buddhist era. On the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month, Makha, of the year, 4 special events happened:

Makha Bucha Day1. There were 1,250 Sangha followers, that came to see the Buddha that evening without any schedule.

2. All of them were "Arhantas', the Enlightened One, and all of them were ordained by the Buddha himself.

3. The Buddha gave those Arhantas the principles of the Buddhism, called "The Ovadhapatimokha". Those principles are: - To cease from all evil, - To do what is good, - To cleanse one's mind;

4. It was the full moon day.

At this time in the evolution of Buddhism and Buddhist principles in Thailand, it is important to understand how the majority of Thai people view Buddha and the Buddhist philosophy.

[Source : watthaidc.org]

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