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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mural wall painting, Wat Phra Kaew

General Information

Mural wall painting in Wat Phra Kaew has 178 screen. Painting by Ramayana1Thai literature Ramayana story (Ramakian). The Ramayana’s structure from India Compose again by King Rama 1 for collecting and completely all Ramayana story from Ayuthaya period.

Actually the balcony was around shrine, pagoda, hall of a temple for walk with lighted candles in hand around a temple. Especially for Wat Phra Kaew the balcony was around all building to separate with the Grand PalaceRamayana2 times with hall of a temple and Monthien Dham hall. But not have a record for exactly time, when rebuild Monthien Dham hall because of burned the balcony was extend in the north like a present. That mean the balcony was establishe twice or one time when extend the temple. King Rama 1 be kind enough to paint the mural in Ramayana story around the wall.


King Rama 3
Reproduct all mural and renovated balcony.

King Rama 4
Extend balcony and floor by tile. Ramayana3

King Rama 5

Fix the balcony and reproduct mural

King Rama 7
When celebrate kingdom 150 anniversary. Renovate balcony with new technique, cement and steel for prevent humid. Construct the fence in front of mural painting and renovate the floor.

King Rama 9 (present)
Renovate and painting on arc of balcony. For the roof fix and paint with gold stencil. Use new technique to modify the mural. Repaint on the damage mural following the original.


Ramayana story around the wall start from north door turn to the west.

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