Wat Phra Kaew & Thailand Temples

The most visited temple in Bangkok kingdom of Thailand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ubchao doll, Wat Phra Kaew

Ubchao Doll, Luntun
China rock sculpture was call Ubchao doll. It's numerous in Wat Phra Kaew more than 100 pieces.

In the past time when Thai and China commercial together. Departure was carrying the heavy objects such as wood, rice, animal skin and tin. When back from China we bought the soft object such as fablic and tea leaf. The junk was unbalance when face the strom so should have some load that call Ubchao. Then take China rock sculpture and the stone to load. So we call them Ubchao following the way of duty.When arrive to Thailand the load was disadvantage. Then take China rock sculpture to decorate the temple. Wat Phra Kaew also decorate by Ubchao doll too.

Ubchao Doll, Monkey

Kind of Ubchao doll

Human big sculpture. Dress fully as government official.

1. Imagine animals
2. General animals

Such as pagoda, dragon column, pot.

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