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The most visited temple in Bangkok kingdom of Thailand.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Phra Srirattana Pagoda

Phrasrirattana pagodaPhra Srirattana Pagoda is inside the Wat Phra Kaew near Sanam Luang. The big gold Pagoda established by King Rama 4 and continue by King Rama 5 for keep Buddha's relics.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda covered by glitter gold mosaic, interior was painting and floor by marble. It's have 4 doors (4 direction) all decorated by Thai symbolic art.

When celebrate Phrasrirattana Pagoda 150 anniversaly in King Rama 7 period have a renovate on surface, fix the mosaic. And next renovate was in King Rama 9 (present) but still follow the same all.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda architecture

Created in a Lanka shape following Phra Jedi Sam Aong from Phrasrisanphet Temple's pagoda (Ayuthaya province). That was a cement pagoda covered by glitter gold mosaic. Inside have space for stand the small pagoda that keep Buddha's relics.

Phrasrirattana Pagoda perform by Paitee base, layer with up-down lotus for support the bell. Upper is square throne with the column support the ring of glass lotus 20 layer.

Arc of doors (4 direction) is a sharp curve, upper is a Thai sculpture. The doors made from wood coated by gold and mirror, in a flower pattern with 3 colors (red, green, silver). Upper is a ventilator and the frame was carve in Thai dragons shape.

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