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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gate No.1, Koeysadet (Front) Gate, Wat Phra Kaew

The Koeysadet (Front) Gate, on the eastern side of the temple, is in front of Phrathep Bhidorn House and opposite the Grand Palace's Sawadsopha Gate. This is an important gate built in the Fourth Reign. The gate has a ramp for mounting elephants and an undressing pavillion. The top of the gates a pointed crown.

Gate No.1, Koeysadet (Front) Gate, Wat  Phra Kaew
The murals on the walls of the gate depict Thao Sahasadecha(giant), Nilaphat (monkey), Hanuman (a monkey) and Thosakan (giant). In front of the gate, inside the temple, 2 6-metre tall plaster giants beautifully decorated with glazed colored tiles, stand guard. they are Suriyaphob, on the left, and Indrachit, on the right.


A giant with a bright red body, was the son of Thao Chakrawad, ruler of krung Maliwan and friend of Thosakan. he holds the Mekhaphat spear, which was given to him as a weapon by Phra Isuan. the spear was very potent and withstand it. According to legend the spear was thrown at Phra Satarut and made him faint. Suriyaphob, the giant was slain by Phra Phrot using his Phrammat arrow


A giant with a green body, was the beloved son of Thosakan and Naang Montho. His name was originally "Ronaphak Kumarn" because of his potent powers. Because ho defeated Phra Indra, his name was changed to Indrachit. He was given sacred weapons by Phra Isuan, Brahma, and Phra Narai including the Phrammat, Nagabat and Vishnupanam arrows. finally Indrachit, like MangkornKan before him was killed by Phra Ram's Phrommat arrow.

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