Wat Phra Kaew & Thailand Temples

The most visited temple in Bangkok kingdom of Thailand.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Khantharat Buddha Image Hall, Wat Phra Kaew

Khantharat Buddha Image Hall, Wat Phra Kaew; situated on the same small terrace as Phra Mondhop Yod Prang, is a hall to house the Khantharat Buddha Image. It is situated in front of the Hall of Temple near the gallery walls.

Khantharat Buddha Image Hall, Wat Phra KaewThe hall house the Khantharat Buddha Image, an important Buddha image connected with the Plowing Ceremony. It was cast by order of King Rama 1 in 1783. King Rama 4 consequently ordered the image to be gilded and a large diamond embedded in the Buddha's forehead as a Phra Unalome (hair on forehead between eyebrowns). This hall also houses an image of Phra Phirunsart.

Khantharat Buddha Image Hall is a small, rectangular. Thai-style building on a terrace, supported by patt base (lotus design base). The entrance to the hall is by the northern portico, opposite the Hall of Temple. 5 marble steps lead up to the terrace and 3 more up to the Buddha image Hall. the balustrade is in the form of a naga, or serpent. the capitals of the columns on the terrace are sculpted lions, in the Chinese style. The balusters are made of glazed ceramics and there are 2 tall lantern posts.

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