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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two Golden Phra Chedis - Wat Phra Kaew - Bangkok

Two Golden Phra Chedis, Wat Phra Kaew (Chedi mean pagoda) situated on the Phaithee terrace in front of Phra thep Bidorn house were constructed by King Rama 1 in honor of his father (southern pagoda) and mother (northern pagoda)

Two Golden Phra Chedis, Wat Phra KaewTwo Golden Phra Chedis, Wat Phra Kaew are exactly the same design and size, having a square base with triple indented corners. The structures are entirely covered with copper sheets, painted with lacquer and covered with gold leaf.

The Golden Phra Chedis are placeed on an octagonal base lined with marble adorned with a cross design. Above the base are 20 plaster giants and monkeys decorated with colored glass who appear to be lifting the chedi. A monkey figure is placed at the center of each side of the base.

Above that is a three-level singha base (lion design base). Next there is a lotus flower designed base on which the chedis stand. The apex of the chedi consists of a group of 9 lotus flower design levels, which are topped with a hollow spire covered with gold leaf.

The Two Golden Phra Chedis, Wat Phra Kaew were constructed in the First Reign at the edge of the pool to the east of the original Monthientham Buddha Image Hall.

King Mongkut (King Rama 4) ordered the construction of the Phra Phuthaprang Prasat at that site. The chedis were therefore moved to the front, south and north of the Phra Phuthaprang Prasat.

King Rama 5 had the chedis covered with copper sheets and painted with lacquer and covered with gold leaf. He also had the demons and monkeys added. King Rama 6 ordered the chedis removed to their present location.

Source: Unknown

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